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"As a pharmacist I was alarmed by the serious quality issues plaguing the supplement industry including fraudulent, contaminated, and even degraded supplements. Not finding an adequate source for patients I created the only cold chain provider of exclusively top rated & certified lab tested brands.

Through our dedication to quality rest assured you are receiving the very best supplements delivered fresh to your door.

Thomas Fedak, PharmD

Pharmacist Tom's Bio

Thomas Fedak, PharmD is the pharmacist founder of Noble Supplements and believes in a comprehensive approach to optimizing health. Having practiced in a specialty pharmacy setting for nearly ten years, Tom has extensive experience in the handling and dispensing of temperature sensitive biologic medications. After numerous cases of fraud, contamination, and poor manufacturing practices in the supplement industry Tom felt a need to utilize the high-standards of pharmacy practice to provide a trusted source for supplement brands. Using his background in dispensing refrigeration-required biologics across a cold chain distribution from manufacturer to patient, Tom established a similar supply chain for high-quality supplements mailed to health-conscious consumers. A firm believer in the importance of patient education and having counseled thousands of patients on drug-herb interactions, Tom personally avails himself to address customer concerns and questions.

Tom graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and the outdoors.