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Medical Professional Access

  • Half of Americans report taking 1 or more supplements
  • Only 23% of supplements were taken based on a recommendation of a healthcare provider
  • Supplements can interact with prescription drugs and may be contraindicated in certain medical conditions

National surveys have revealed that use of supplements is largely self-directed without consultation of a healthcare professional. Many supplement users see healthcare providers as lacking adequate information or training regarding supplements. They also may be less inclined to opening a discussion with a provider they deem skeptical of supplement use. The result is many users tend to rely on their own research and personal experiences when it comes to selecting and continuing their supplements.

As with taking prescription medications there may be risks in taking certain supplements. Some supplements can interact with other medications and be contraindicated in certain medical conditions. For this reason, we believe ready access to an understanding healthcare professional is critical and that pharmacists can play a unique role in fulfilling this need.

We have piloted a free service for our customers granting ready access to our holistic (and friendly!) pharmacist.

Our Free Medical Professional Access Service

  • 24/7 access to a secure HIPAA validated form that allows customers to easily contact the pharmacist and protect their person health information
  • Customers can review their medications, address health concerns, discuss their supplement use, or any other medical or health related question.
  • This service is not intended to address emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical emergency contact 911 and/or your nearest medical facility.

How does it work:

  • Access our 24/7 secure HIPAA form
  • Due to high deman access is limited to the day supply of your supplement. Days supply is calculated based on suggested use and quantity.  Access is reopened with any renewal.
  • Due federal and state regulation the service is currently only offered to customers residing in New Jersey and New York