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Supply Chain Care

  • Many supplements degrade when exposed to high temperatures and/or humidity during storage and transport
  • Supplement capsules can begin to melt at round 130F
  • 26.1% of orders mailed on a summer's day were exposed to temperatures above 140F according to a study
  • Many consumer watchdogs do not recommend purchasing supplements through mail during hot summer months

A supplement's quality doesn’t stop at the end of manufacture, it begins there. Many supplements can degrade when exposed to high temperatures and humidity. How your supplements are cared for across the chain of distribution from final product until they reach your hands plays a critical role in quality that is often overlooked. Purchasing a degraded supplement is a waste of money and in some cases can be potentially be harmful.

Let’s take fish-oil soft gels as an example which are amongst the most perishable supplements a person can consume. Studies have shown that even at room temperature fish oil can significantly degrade turning into a rancid soup of peroxides and formaldehyde. As degraded components increase there is a lesser amount of EPA and DHA per softgel. Higher temperatures speed up the process of breakdown and fish-oil that has been mailed and transported in excess heat can give off a very pungent fishy smell that indicates degradation.

So two bottles of the same brand and batch of fish oil can have very different integrities based simply on their supply chain.

A poor supply chain where the bottle is transported and stored at higher temperatures days in transit times in a cooking truck can mean the bottle you purchased contains far lower amounts of EPA and DHA that it was originally made.

A poor supply chain where your bottle is literally slow cooked during a long transit in an overheated delivery truck will mean lower amounts of EPA and DHA/

This may not just be bad for your wallet since youre essentially buying worthless product but it may also be harmful as oxidized lipids have shown potential harm in animals.

This is why at Noble Supplements we guarantee not just certified products but diligence to the supply chain.

Setting a high-bar for the industry

As a facilitator of high-end supplements we have implemented supply-chain measures that we hope will one day become standard industry practice.

Overnight Reception of Stock. All of our products arrive as overnight delivery without exception. Many retailers avoid this because of the costs involved but limiting transit time is necessary to protect supplements from degradation. We also require shipments to arrive insulated and on ice during warmer months to further protect products from extreme temperatures.

Proper monitored storage. Our stock is stored according at controlled temperatures to ensure products are not exposed to high temperatures or excess moisture.

Cost-effective thermal shipping. We serve as a local mail supplier to our north-east neighbors, offering both effective overnight shipping and inexpensive thermal packing that preserve product even during hot summer months.

Local Providers naturally offer Superior Supply Chains