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Reality Check: Most Fish Oil is Rotten

So here’s the problem – Fish oil is perishable and breaks down to potentially harmful byproducts such as aldehydes and peroxides, yet you are likely hearing this for the first time. Unfortunately it’s also likely you’ve been consuming rancid fish oil which we hope to change


  • 50% of fish oil brands sold in North America were found to be rancid at the time of testing and an additional 16% were expected to become rancid well within their expiration date 1
  • Fish oil readily breaks down to rancid byproducts even at room temperature 2
  • Rancid fish oil is at best a waste of money and at worst potentially harmful to your body 3

The (simple) solution:

In our opinion fish oil should be refrigerated, D’uh right?- if you get your fish oil by mail then, in our opinion, you should also be receiving it on ice. Unfortunately this is never done, let alone for free but that’s where we come in.

To our knowledge we are the only nutritional provider that stores our fish oil under refrigeration and ship all orders with free ice and thermal packing yes, we do it for FREE, and seeing how much it costs to do that we understand why stores may not want to!

Actual image of our thermal packaging from a health-seeker we serve - the thermal packing includes gel packs to protect nutrients from exposure to excessive heat

Our Fish Oil Brand by Pure Encapsulations:

  • Manufactured by Pure Encapsulations, regarded as the top professional brand4
  • High potency triglyceride form of EPA and DHA to give you maximum support
  • Lab tested to ensure freshness and no harmful amounts of heavy metals
  • Stored under refrigeration to help prevent degradation
  • Ships fresh with free ice and thermal packing

So refrigerate your fish oil and make sure it arrives on ice! If you can't find a provider to help fulfill a thermal shipment with free ice we would be happy to help serve your health needs!